Experience a life free from alcohol.


Escape from binge drinking weekends, always feeling average and frequent regrets! 

Hi, I'm Lizzie!


I am soooo happy you are here! You

have discovered the place where

people can come and safely reassess

their relationship with alcohol, learn

strategies to control their drinking and change it for good! I have been alcohol free since January 4th 2020 so I am coming up to 296 days ago! I have been there and done it, *having failed many times before, so now that I have succeeded, I wanted to share my plan with you. 

So if you feel like you regularly drink too much, you're worried about the effect it's having on your life, you use it as a daily "treat" but you wish you could break the cycle... then you are 100% in the right place! 

This amazing community will hold your hand as you change your habit, however small it is, and help you to get your habit under control for good! Whether your goal is to just drink on certain days, cut down dramatically or cut it out for good, with us, you will learn simple strategies, find inspiration and get the support you need to smash your goals. 

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90 Day Mindful Drinking Journal

Our revolutionary 90 Day Mindful Drinking Journal has been designed to help you cut down on alcohol or go alcohol-free for good. 

It contains

  • Planning tools to help you set your goals with alcohol

  • Trigger assessment tasks to help you realise when you get the urge to drink

  • Daily journal pages for 90 days to keep you "close" to your goal, which you can use at the start and the end of each day

  • Weekly review pages to help you reflect and improve on your drinking habits

  • Inspiring quotes to keep you going when your motivation is low.

*When you enrol on our 90 Day No Willpower Formula Plan, you get a copy of this FREE! 

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Who we are & how we can help you

We offer online programmes to help you overcome your problem drinking

Take a close look at why you drink 

Establish when you drink more than you intend to

Set goals to change your habit

Achieve your alcohol goal

Get daily support from others with similar goals

First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.                              F. Scott-Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

"The content on the programme is far more in depth and useful, as well as personal, compared to other well known challenges. It's a really fantastic course and it's been brilliant to be a part of."

- Jenny R. 

"I only used to drink at the weekends, but when I did drink I binged and it took me longer and longer to recover. The 7 day challenge was a game changer for me... I drink for pleasure now and not to get obliterated."

- Olivia Goodwin

"Thank god for this community!! I was aware that I was drinking a lot but I thought it was under control. Life is too short right! But TFOS made me realise I was drinking too much too regularly."

- Zoe Hughes

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