Meet Lizzie

A woman on a mission to help you reset your relationship with alcohol for good

                                     Hi! I'm Lizzie and I am the founder                                       of the Flavour of Sober. 



 I have always struggled with my love with wine and G&T's and I have been wanting to get rid of my need for a drink at the end of each day, for a really long time.


There, I admitted it! That feels good! 

I am not a big drinker and it wasn't ruining my life. I never hit rock bottom. But I grew up with a Mum who sadly became more and more addicted to alcohol until it really and truly ruined her life (and our relationship). My Mum's addiction came to an end in August 2019 when she passed away peacefully. But I pledged at that moment, to change my own relationship with alcohol for good, as I have tried and failed many times before.


So, my mission is to help men and women everywhere, to do the same. 

I'd love it if you would listen to my podcast and let me know what you think on Instagram or on email;

I have HUGE plans for TFOS, so I'm REALLY excited you're here!  

Lizzie x