the 30day Formula TM 

The 30 Day Formula TM helps people who are worried that they have a developing problem with alcohol, to overcome their daily desire to drink. I help people to achieve this without depending on willpower (which doesn't work on it's own!) 

Using the 30 Day Formula TM,  I have helped hundreds of people take a break from their habitual drinking, so that they stop wasting weekends with hangovers, and so that they feel healthier and more clear-headed than they have in years. 


The great news is that you can change your relationship with alcohol starting TODAY! You just have to follow the tasks daily and actively engage in and implement the strategies I provide for you in the 30 Day Formula. If you follow these, and you use your 90 Day Mindful Drinking journal (We send you a copy when you enrol!), you will succeed in changing your relationship with alcohol and you will achieve your goal of either cutting right down or cutting it out for good. The choice is yours!    



Lizzie x 

You drink daily or nearly daily and you find it hard to stop once you've started.


You know (deep down) you are drinking too much and you're worried about it

You have tried to stop drinking for a few days or even a week once before, but you failed and you feel awful about it. You then quickly sank back into your old ways; drinking too much too often.

You are worried about your health and the effect alcohol is having on all areas of your life

Did you think "YES!" to any (or all) of the above?  

Then GREAT! You are in the right place.

Well, the truth is... 

Willpower alone will never work and this is because willpower is an energy. So you may have great intentions, but add in a stressful day that makes you feel physically and emotionally tired and you'll find you don't have the energy to overcome the urge to drink. This is most likely why you have tried and failed before!


You may also have a developing drinking problem that is starting to get the better of you. (Have you tried taking a few days of the drink and realised it's really hard?... Exactly. That's a red flag!)


To regain control of your health and your habits, you need step by step techniques, strategies and group support with a simple, daily plan to help you achieve your goals of drinking less (or none at all). No matter which way we look at it; alcohol is one of the most addictive drugs on the planet. It has just become so normal in our society to drink for even the tiniest of reasons. 


So many people don't realise how harmful it is to their health and very few people can get control of their drinking habit without support. We cater for problem drinkers and we help to get you back in control quickly. The 30 Day Formula is exactly what you need to achieve this! You'll be feeling better than you have in years, very soon!  

Enrol on the 30 Day Formula TM and finally get the support you need

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