How much alcohol am I really safe to drink?

Updated: Jan 26

I think that loads of people think that they are well within the recommended guidelines for the amount of alcohol that they drink on a weekly basis. In fact, I know that this is the case. Some people probably don't even worry about it, but I'm here to shed some light on the recommended "safe" amount to drink. (* I don't really think there is any safe amount to drink when it comes to satisfying a habit, but this information is from the Chief Medical Office in the UK and relates to safe health related limits)

So how much is 1 unit of alcohol?

The Chief Medical Guy in the UK says that men and women should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week in order to stay in the "safe" limits. In fact, it's interesting to note that recently the amount that men should drink in order to stay in the safe limits has been reduced to the same recommended amount as women.

14 units

14 units seems like quite a lot of alcohol, but it really isn't! I measured it to see what that amount really looks like (no I never have before - please don't judge me!)

Here’s how I measured it:

  1. Very simply, I measured out drinkaware's published 1 unit of liquid of wine (

  2. I poured the amount of coca cola into a wine glass

  3. I was pretty horrified when I saw that most of us are drinking two units of wine in ONE glass.

Are you shocked when you see how little liquid is in the glass? I sure was. I know that many of us, especially with the size of the wine glasses that are available on the market, drink WAY more than the amount of liquid in this glass!

So, if you work it out, based on this tiny weeny amount of liquid and the fact that this is 1 UNIT of alcohol, how many units do you think you are drinking in a "normal" week? For the sake of the calculation, I have included the guidelines from on the guideline 1 unit amounts for other alcoholic drinks.

Just look at how little cider and beer that is!

So I would bet most people who drink daily to help them relax, might have two glasses of wine. In reality this means that you could be drinking 28 units of alcohol a week (and that's without letting go of your restraint at the pub on a Friday!)

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