90 Day Mindful Drinking Journal - Available on pre-order now for October 2020 delivery!


Our 90 Day Mindful Drinking Journal will keep you focussed and committed to your goals with alcohol on a daily basis. 


You may have heard the term, "you get what we focus on" and this is totally the case when you are either trying to cut down your drinking or stop drinking altogether. 

Through implementing our daily techniques, you will be well prepared to avoid the urge to drink (at any time in the day), you will pre-plan your "treat" drinks and you will be able to log how you feel each day. 


There are 90 Days of journal pages, plus weekly reflection points so that you can review and celebrate your progress! 


The journal should be used daily, and helps you to use all of our proven techniques from the 30 Day Formula.


When you use the journal, you will be prompted to:

  • Play it Forward; you will  be able to pre-plan and visualise your success and plan how you will handle a range of emotions that you may experience through the day
  • You will self reflect on the previous day and work out what triggered you to have the urge to drink so that you feel even stronger going forward
  • You will be able to self assess the impact alcohol has had on all areas of your life so that you can keep reflecting on that impact and use it to stay motivated
  • You can track your progress, daily, weekly and monthly
  • This journal will keep you on track and motivated to achieve your goals with alcohol for 90 days. 
  • Using this journal will stop your fluctuating levels of motivation to stay sober and enable you to overcome your weaker moments when you may have otherwise have reached for a drink. 


This journal is a total game changer!



90 Day Mindful Drinking Journal

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  • A 90 Day Mindful Drinking Journal to support you in your desire to drink less alcohol, or even no alcohol at all, for up to 90 Days.